As I approached Menopause and started to experience symptoms, I decided to reach out for advice.  I lost my own mother when I was 26, so I never had the chance to ask her, but I’d seen countless women go through it and if I’m honest, I hadn’t taken much notice.  Looking back, I’d seen the sudden hot flushes – the most noticeable symptom and probably complained when they opened a window, mid-winter! I’d no doubt rolled my eyes when they had become short tempered for seemingly no reason.  To my disappointment I’d never asked why – possibly because until the last few years it just wasn’t part of the daily discourse. 

When writing this diary, I decided to ask some of the amazing women in my life for tips on how they handled their symptoms. 

My good friends gave me some great advice.

Jane advised me to drink less alcohol and increase my exercise as it really helped with her flushes and her anxiety. She also saw a homeopath for some natural remedies that she feels helped. 

Sophie said, ‘buy yourself a battery-operated hand fan – it’s worth its weight in gold you’ll never regret it!’ 

Michelle said (genuinely!) invest in good clothing like Fifty One Apparel – at first, I spent so much money on clothes that didn’t work and I’d end up throwing away after constantly getting too hot and ruining them. Find clothing that fits, looks good and alleviates the horrid sweats if you get them. 

Another friend thought she had sailed through her menopause – no flushes nothing.  But she’s recently found sleeping a big problem for her, often waking in the middle of the night and she’s really found the CBD products to be a huge help.  

My stepmother suffered awfully for so many years, and now almost out of the other side, she suggested sleeping with only a sheet and the window open, trying Black Clover (*only if you don’t have liver issues – but check with your doctor first) and putting talc on the bottom of your feet in morning and at night all for relieving hot flushes. 

I’m still early in my journey, but for me anything that helps with the night sweats I get every night at 10.30pm is welcome! 

When we talk, we aren’t moaning and complaining. We are helping other women come through what can be a difficult time in their lives. Keep on talking and sharing. Please..

I should stress, I am no medic and I am writing from my own experiences as I navigate my way through peri menopause/ menopause x


June 23, 2023 — LOUISE NICHOLSON

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