Menopause is a much discussed topic today, but Peri-menopause is often overlooked.  Menopause is defined as the time in your life when you haven’t had a period for 12 consecutive months.  The time leading up to that can last for many years, usually starts in your ‘40’s and can take many women by surprise.  Symptoms can creep up on you, from extremely dry and itchy skin, to forgetfulness, anxiety and the sudden arrival of the dreaded hot flush or night sweats.   ‘It can’t be Menopause you say to yourself, I’m still having periods?’

I certainly didn’t know that you could get hot sweats when you were still having your periods as well – the joy!  Peri-menopause can last up to 7 years and varies for every woman.


For me, as well as wearing the Fifty One Apparel nightdress, which really does work – I don’t feel I want to yank my clothes off! – I also find if I lay still and breathe slowly they pass faster.  I’ve also eliminated spicy foods from my evening meals, as my flushes are at the moment confined to night time.  I find I can eat something with chilli in at lunchtime and I’ll be OK but if I have it in my dinner, at 10.30 every night without fail they start!  This could of course change as time goes on. 


I’m sure there will be many other symptoms to come and I’ll try and deal with them one by one – but I really think it’s helpful that we all share with each other how we deal with them.  Generations past on one hand ‘never complained’ but they also said ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.  Share tips with each other and stories and anecdotes that make you feel less alone.  That’s what we are planning to do in this section, every two weeks, so be sure to check in for regular stories and tips.


June 09, 2023 — Emberton

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