Meet our models

Meet our models who've been with us since the beginning. Their support and advice have been invaluable, and unlike many fashion brands, all our models are relatable and real. They've shared their thoughts on their favourite Fifty One Apparel garment.
Meet Charlie

Name: Charlie
Night in/ night on the tiles: Night with my 51 gear on!
Gin and Tonic / Lime and Tonic: G&T
Lipstick / Lipbalm: Lip balm
Favourite Place on Earth: Running - anywhere!

Charlie is 5’3” and wears a Size 10

Meet Sue

Name: Sue
Place of Birth: Manchester
Occupation:  Product Development Manager 
Night In / Night on the tiles: Night in
Gin and Tonic / Lime and Tonic: Gin n Tonic
Lipstick / Lipbalm: Lipstick unless the balm has colour
Favourite Place on Earth: Calvi, Corisca

Sue is 5’2” and wears a Size 10


Meet Rachael

Name: Rachael
Born: London
Occupation: Café owner
Night in / night on the tiles: Night in
Gin and Tonic / Lime and Tonic: Gin and tonic ( large )
Lipstick / Lipbalm: Lipstick ( red )
Favourite Place on Earth: Marrakesh

Rachael is 5’6” and wears a Size 14


Meet Karin

Name: Karin
Place of Birth: Cornwall
Occupation: Forever loving being a fulltime parent
Gin and Tonic / Lime and Tonic: G+T
Night in / Night on the tiles: Night in with sea salt chocolate
Lipstick / Lipbalm: Lipstick
Favourite Place on Earth: Cornwall


Meet Raxa

Name: Raxa
Place of Birth: Portugal
Occupation: Mad Scientist
Night in / Night on the tiles: A little bit of both
Gin and Tonic / Lime and tonic: Gin and Tonic without a doubt
Lipstick / Lip balm: Lipstick
Favourite Place on Earth: Any beautiful beach

Raxa is 5’4” and wears a Size 10

Meet Sharon

Name: Sharon
Born: St Asaph, Wales
Night in or Night on the Tiles: NIGHT IN with my Sophie Palazzo pants and Lizzie Batwing top !!
Gin and Tonic 0r Lime and Tonic: G+T with a lot of Ice and Lemon
Lipstick or Lipbalm: LIPSTICK
Favourite Place on earth: The Datai in Langkawi

Sharon is 5’1” and wears a Size 16