My hot flushes continue to increase at pace! I do find it weird that they appear to come as if they are a diary appointment... They are currently around 9am, 6pm and 10.30pm.

I went for my regular thyroid blood check-up last week, as interestingly my levels are far too low as I’ve hit Perimenopause.  The nurse also took my blood pressure, which is also elevated – and I told her ‘Well I’ve just walked for 2 miles to get my exercise in and I’m currently in the middle of a hot flush!’  She advised me to make an appointment with the Doctor, which I’ve done for next week.  

I was put off last year, as the GP I spoke to wasn’t at all interested in discussing Menopause with me, but I’ve a new Doctor now, so hopefully that will make a difference.  So, what do I ask her? It’s always better to be prepared, to make the most of those precious minutes these days when they are so busy. 

Should I be on HRT? I’ve a close family history of Ovarian Cancer – will that prevent me from taking it? 

Will it help with the hot flushes – which are already quite bad, and I’ve not hit actual Menopause yet.

I’ve read recently they are investigating the link between not taking HRT and developing dementia – my grandmother has dementia, but she didn’t develop it until her mid ’80’s.

Are there risks in not taking it – something I don’t think is discussed as much as the risks of taking it.

Are the risks as high as they used to be – and is that just taking it in pill form? Many of my friends are using the gel and tell me it’s been wonderful.

There are so many questions, as there is so much conflicting information out there, but in the meantime, I’ll continue using my Fifty-One Apparel nightdress for the hot sweats and the leggings to walk in!

I’ll share my experience at the doc’s in the next instalment! But I’ll leave you with one anecdote; I have been adding ground flaxseed to my morning cereal for the past couple of months, and my hair is in incredible condition! Soft and shiny and healthy. Not sure it’s helped at all with the hot flushes but if it’s responsible for the glowing mane, I’ll stick to it.


July 21, 2023 — LOUISE NICHOLSON

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