I used to be so active and so fit.. always a little on the curvaceous side maybe, but nothing that concerned me.  I find myself in my late ‘40’s having let a few things go over recent years.. the pandemic certainly didn’t help! I love to walk miles and miles outside but it’s not keeping that middle-aged spread away. 

Is it also hormonal I wonder? I eat pretty healthily 80% of the time and I’m very reluctant to start skipping a meal a day, just to maintain weight.. so, it’s time to look at moving more!

Exercise isn’t just important to stem the weight gain during menopause but also is said to help with the hot flushes (yes please) and is supposed to help slow bone loss, reducing the risk of osteoporosis. It’s also good for the brain and can help slow cognitive decline, which is important for anyone.

Two weeks ago, I got back in the swimming pool – which I love – but can be hard to fit in and with a few years not swimming, due to injury I’m having to start small, a mere 15 minutes at a time.  What else can I do?

I’ve done some research and it’s suggested that cardio is even more important after Menopause to keep the heart healthy and as much as swimming is my preferred method of cardio, I’m going to have to add some weight bearing exercise in there as well for bone health.

The perfect combination is apparently Aerobic, strength and balance. I’m going to check out some online exercise videos I can do in front of the TV – small bursts will be enough to have an impact – and I must find that Pilates book and blow the dust off it!

As for the strength training, I’m at a bit of a loss here, I’m not a gym person anymore, my back won’t allow it so weights aren’t really an option, so that will take some more investigating...!

As for my recent doctor visit, I’m pleased to report it did go better than last years and they are willing to discuss HRT options, due to my horrendous hot flushes.  I haven’t decided on anything yet but will do some research.


August 21, 2023 — LOUISE NICHOLSON

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