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Alison Parry
Best leggings I’ve ever had !

Like many people leggings are go to every day wear - for running around, walking which I do a lot of and with a smarter short dress or top.

In the last 6 months I found myself in perimenopause, only realising when hot flushes started and these leggings are a life saver.. Before I had them my legs just did not want to be encased in anything .. I dreaded getting dressed in anything but a dress - not always an option with Uk weather ..!

The fit is great, the length and waist sits perfectly too. My skin can just breathe better in these leggings and I’ll definitely be trying the t shirts next.

Thank you Alison for the review. Delighted you are happy with our product

Nicki Cassidy
Back for more ..

Love, love, LOVE my new leggings! Very good quality, a great fit and extremely comfortable. Great for exercise or just for lounging, also good for wearing under a tunic/dress as the weather begins to warm up a bit. With the temperature control qualities of the material always keeping you comfortable, I would highly recommend these leggings.

Thank you Nicki for the review - it's always good to have feedback. Appreciate your support

Surprisingly good!

Hot flushes are one of my menopause bugbears (even with HRT!) so I was genuinely curious to see if these leggings could make any difference.

The first outing was at an exercise class on a pretty warm day, I thought this would give them a run for the money - they didn't 'ride down', kept me coolish & dry (down to the science behind the fabric I'm guessing!). I've had the odd hot flush when wearing them and can say that they've helped to keep things cool, particularly when I've worn with the 51 Apparel v neck tee.

Having been in the machine at least 5 times, I can say that they wash well - no fading, the material is still soft and there's no pilling. (Can also report that the tee washes very well, I've had that for a while - still looking good).

A surprising hit if I'm honest. They feel like they'll last.

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