"I bought a camisole/ vest from 51 and used it specifically for the purpose of hot flushes. I wore it mainly in bed. 

The fabric was extremely soft and luxurious to the touch. It seemed to be able to keep the body, (the part that it covered), less sweaty and didn’t leave you with that cold damp feeling of other fabric when you’ve had a night sweat. 

I would have liked to try a long sleeve to see if it helped further with the heat control.

A great product that can help you feel fresh when the dreaded sweats set in day and night."

Susan – Wanstead


"It is supremely soft and comfortable to wear.  The fit is perfect for me; I'm a size 8-10 and went for the small.  It is also beautifully made and has been washed and dried in the tumble drier on countless occasions and comes out looking perfect.  I bought this top as it promised to help regulate my temperature.  I always like to wear a thin base layer next to my skin for comfort and warmth and loved the idea that this would not only keep me warm, when I needed that, but also that it would help me to stop feeling overheated when those hot flush moments arose!  It is quite amazing how it works but it really does deliver on its promise to keep you both warm or cool.  I often spend time outside at my daughter's sporting events and this is always my go to top, either to keep me warm on cold days or cool in warmer conditions.   I would also love a navy option as this would become a staple piece in my wardrobe."

Susie – Gerrards Cross


I first wore a 51 garment ( vest ) last summer when I was gardening and was over heated. I immediately cooled down and was drier while it still felt light to wear. Fabulous.

Kay - Yorkshire


I have been wearing fifty one garments for over 6 months and have found them absolutely brilliant.

I have a vest which I use for hot Bikram Yoga and it is the most comfortable top I have found to wear for this activity as it doesn’t become heavy with sweat. It also keeps me at a comfortable temperature after class when I’m cooling down.

I also have a T-shirt and Lounge pant which I wear as pyjamas and these have been useful when experiencing hot flushes at night.

The garments wash extremely well and were a reasonable price.

A wider range of colours would be good to see.

Nicki - London