WOW Award: A Nod to Women in Business

WOW Award: A Nod to Women in Business

This weeks’ blog starts with a congratulatory hand shake to ourselves as earlier this month (April 2019) Fifty One Apparel was awarded the WOW badge from Jacqueline Gold, CEO of Ann Summers.

What is the #WOW award?

In 2011, Jacqueline launched the Twitter campaign #WOW (Women On Wednesday) an award directed at Women in Business. The campaign runs every week with over 200 hopeful entries. Winners are selected for having a strong brand value with a potential for growth and success in the marketplace. There needs to be evidence that the business concept targets the needs of the consumer and demonstrates quality, professionalism along with a good brand image and vision. We are delighted that these attributes were recognised at Fifty One Apparel.

The concept for the #WOW award is to champion and celebrate the efforts women are making in the workplace and to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit. More and more women in the UK are joining the ranks to start up their own businesses. In creating this award, a community has been created whereby the winners can support one another in their quest for success. We will make full use of this community and offer our own experiences and contacts.

We have previously written of inspirational women and Jacqueline Gold was high on our list for her endeavours and achievements, even in the face of adversity at various stages of her personal and professional life. Her career has been extraordinary when at a young age she tore up the rule book and entered the male dominated sex industry. A drive of determination and self-belief convinced investors of her potential and gave her the support she looked for.

It is fair to say that as more women take leading roles in business, more are also giving their time, energy, commitment and resources in a desire to give back to society. In these roles, women often want to do more than simply offer money but want to be involved in the causes they support. Jacqueline Gold is testament to this and makes a point of keeping in touch with her winners of her weekly award. 


The future of Fifty One Apparel

In years to come, we hope that we could use our own success to inspire those with an entrepreneurial spirit as Jacqueline has to so many. There can be nothing more rewarding than to use your own success to help elevate others up their career ladder and to help individuals realise their goals. #WOW.



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