What menopause means to men

What menopause means to men

While the subject of menopause is slowly moving away from being a taboo topic, some men still feel uncomfortable confronting relative issues be it at home or at work.

With much better information available today than in previous generations where men might have overlooked or simply ignored menopause, there is a move to face matters head on for better relations all round.

We should recognise that many symptoms associated with menopause also impact men, poor sleep patterns through night sweats can lead to fatigue, and a short fuse on both sides. Without good quality sleep men also suffer alongside their partners which affects even the best of a relationship when a lack of rest often means increased irritability and can cause anxiety and low self esteem.

Patience in the bedroom. No matter how strong a relationship might be, during menopause compromise is a must as the sharp drop in oestrogen levels can make sex uncomfortable for women while the reduced level of testosterone means a drop in libido which, understandably, can be difficult for men to accept. Finding ways to be supportive is essential and likewise women should appreciate the impact this also has on their partner. Communication at these times is a must.

In the work place men are being encouraged to support women in menopause through company policies and education. To help recognise symptoms of a colleague and be supportive is crucial as opposed to being critical of their performance. A negative response has led many women to leave the workplace believing themselves to be incompetent and unsuitable for the role.

Thanks to men such as James Timpson, CEO of the Timpson chain, who has published articles on the importance of keeping women in work through menopause and has highlighted the value and worth these women contribute to the workforce.

Fifty One Apparel encourages mens' understanding of menopause but equally acknowledges the impact on our male counterpart which is why we have encouraged men onto our team and this is what they had to say on the subject...

"As a young man, I had very little idea about menopause growing up. However, since working with Fifty One Apparel I am much more educated on the matter, which has enabled me to better understand my family and colleagues who are going through it. It is also great to see that greater dialogue on this subject has resulted in law changes & practical solutions to help those going through it." - Matt

"As a young man, managing the social media for Fifty One Apparel it has also been an educational role for me. Menopause, as a topic, is more spoken about now in 2022 than ever before, with content online adding huge value to all our understanding, with influencer culture in the sector providing a community where women can feel more supported. It's great to see."  - Dan
"Working as the Fifty One Apparel designer has been both an education and a pleasure. Whilst I don’t understand first hand the symptoms menopause bring I have become well aware of the need to support women through products like Fifty One Apparel. As a designer my work is to understand different demographics and tailor product accordingly. I hope I have done this." - Callum

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