As the menopause becomes more of a talking point and less of a taboo, we recognise the importance of supporting women during this stage of life. This is why we have partnered with Nature's Best, one of the UK's first suppliers of high quality nutritional supplements selling direct to the public and who now offer a wide range of products to help women negotiate their way through this difficult stage.

Nature's best is a trusted and expert voice on the menopause attracting thousands of visitors to the Menopause Hub each month and offering a wide range of supplements that many women find helpful during this time. Expert Nutrition Advisors are available for free, confidential advice on any products in the range and help women, just like you, find the right regime for their particular needs.

Fifty One Apparel has been developed from a belief that there is a need for a clothing range that caters to women suffering from hot flushes and night sweats. Hot flushes can make women feel uncomfortable, self conscious and embarrassed while night sweats can cause disrupted sleep leading to lack of concentration, lower energy levels and motivation. These symptoms can ultimately result in low self esteem, confidence and mood swings.

Fifty One Apparel has set out to create a range of simple and classic styles using space certified technology to regulate the body's temperature helping women to look good and feel great 24/7 no matter what the season.

There certainly isn't a one size fits all approach to managing the menopause. Both Nature's Best and Fifty One Apparel believe an holistic plan can help ease the menopause. Armed with knowledge, dietary and lifestyle guidance, intelligent clothing and a bespoke supplement regime is a great way to direct women through this journey.

Together, Nature's Best and Fifty One Apparel aim to build awareness of the issues faced by women with frank,study-based articles which answer all the questions that women are searching for. You'll be able to find all relevant information on diet, lifestyle, clothing and much more at and Nature's Best .

February 25, 2021 — Louise Nichloson

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