How It Works

The technology used in our products was originally developed by NASA, which utilises a "Phase Change" material that absorbs, stores and releases heat for optimum comfort.  The technology uses a method of micro encapsulation where the phase change materials are permanently enclosed in a polymer shell and called Thermocules.

This encapsulation process makes the Thermocules durable and means that our fabrics continually regulate the skin's climate. As the skin gets hot the heat is absorbed by the fabric and as the skin cools the fabric releases the heat back to the body making it perfect for symptoms such as hot flushes. 

Many cooling fabrics use a "wicking" mechanism to draw the sweat away from the body leaving the body cool but our technology controls the production of moisture before it begins to form, so that the body enjoys a stable temperature.

This is the only phase change material that carries the “Certified Space Technology” seal of approval.