Ali Leggings
Woman on a bed in black leggings and white vest top, keep cool during night sweats
Woman and dog. Woman wearing black leggings - keep cool in hot flush, smart and comfortable for exercise
Close up photo of folded legging in black - designed to keep cool during hot flushes in the menopause. Cool, smart and comfortable for sleep exercise or formal

Ali Leggings

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Our Ali leggings are the perfect addition to your menopause wardrobe. 

The simple style has been introduced to give a choice to those who prefer to lounge, sleep or exercise in a closer fitted pant. The fabric is made of cellulosic yarns which gives a soft and luxurious handle, while the temperature regulating technical feature gives comfort both day and night at work or play.

Perfect for women who experience hot flushes and night sweats!

Fabric detail: 47.5% Cotton 47.5% modal  5% Elastane

Inside Length of Leg is 71cm

Available in Black

Model is 5'5" and wears a Size 8  

Model is 5'2" and wears a size 10

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