World Cup Fever & Fifty One Apparel!

We’re loving the football but it’s hard to keep your cool with the glorious July weather and a gripping World Cup. This is taking Fever Pitch to a new level and while the heat is on for our England Squad we recognise that we also need to manage the searing temperatures and mood swings this weekend.

World Cup 2018

To all the sporting fans out there now is the time to try our Fifty One Apparel garments to help regulate your temperature. Our customers are wearing our tops for the gym, pilates, yoga and we should mention the Charlie Vest made an appearance at the World BMX championships in Baku, where we like to think our vest top helped secure a place in the Women’s first 8 finalists this Summer. Well done to our Charlie and to the successful Sportswoman, Anita. What an achievement.

Charlie Vest sports women

We pride ourselves with using Outlast® technology which manages moisture by reacting to the body’s thermostat, pulling away the heat from the skin and proactively managing our change in temperature by sending the stored heat back once the body begins to cool down. This makes our garments the perfect solution for comfort in clothing be it daytime or night time.

So for England’s Quarter final with Sweden stay as cool headed as England’s goalkeeper, Pickford. and as chilled as our penalty star, Dier.  So, find a good seat, pour yourselves a long iced drink to watch England battle it out for a place in the World Cup Semi Final and wear Fifty One Apparel to complete a Winning formula for a totally chilled out afternoon while everyone around you is very hot and very bothered.

Fifty One Apparel

If you can’t stand the heat no need to stay out of the kitchen, we’re here to help you.

Come on England! Come on Fifty One!!

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