The Importance of Celebrity Endorsements

This week we saw celebrities including Ellie Goulding and Rita Ora change the manner in which they use their media posts.

In total 16 high profile celebrities will clearly state whether they are being paid for their posts or for items they feature or items they have been gifted.

Together these celebrities have tens of millions of followers across the usual social media platforms, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest etc. No one can deny the powerful effect of a celebrity seen in the press be it wearing clothes, eating in restaurants or cars they drive. Such features can be the making of a brand, in deed Superdry owes its early success to David Beckham who favoured their T shirts in their early years and this was before the explosion of the social media institutions we know of today.

More recently the example of Taylor Swift ,with a mere 83.5 million twitter followers, and the rise of the “You Tubers”  has meant that brands are launching more campaigns with the help of such Influencers and marketing to embrace our digital age.

While capitalising on a celebrity’s fame may not be a new concept the brands are now looking at the new age of celebrities arising from You Tube, Snapchat and Instagram these platforms are targeting their audiences in a more focussed manner.

There are many examples of phenomenal success but one we may remember is the collaboration between Calvin Klein and Justin Bieber in 2015. Calvin Klein jumped on the success of this star and before the range was launched CK tantalised Bieber’s followers with previews of the campaign’s shots which led to 1.6 million mentions on Twitter not to mention the 10.5 million views of Bieber/CK’s Underwear collection and ultimately a spike in sales.

Furthermore a recent Panorama program showcased the influence social media influencers actually have on the nation. Watch the program here:

As a young company we could only dream of such a following and having such a boost to our sales and marketing but we are also very aware of the importance of responsible social media ( we have reported in previous blogs/ news letters ). We also recognise the importance of regulation to ensure the public are not misled by such endorsements. There is no reason why all parties cannot be well served so come on you Influencers – who wants to endorse Fifty One Apparel ? We are open for talks !




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