Despite the grey skies, wind, rain, or the lack of floral inspiration in our gardens, the month of November could be considered, this year, to be a very colourful month based on the many campaigns launched. We have just said goodbye to Black Friday the highly publicised shopping extravaganza, and earlier this month we commented on how to raise awareness for the difficulties people with disabilities faced while shopping.This was heralded by the arrival of Purple Tuesday. Next on the list for November is Red Wednesday, 28th November, a campaign to support those less well off than ourselves, an initiative set up to seek justice for the oppressed . The campaign involves lighting churches and public buildings red for the event to encourage interest!

It made me think about how readily we use colour in our every day use of language. “That made me see red” a frequent expression in our household. “She/He is very Black and White,” “The air was blue.”

Colours have long been able to stir up our emotions as history dictates, white chalk was a precious tool in the hands of Stone Age artists. Gold from the very first civilisations symbolised the sun.  Subsequent societies have used colour to represent luxury and wealth. Today, thanks to the digital revolution we have access to any colour we could possibly imagine. Who would believe there could be so many tones, shade levels of one basic colour?  Making just the simple act of choosing a wall colour an overwhelming task.


When we at Fifty One Apparel put our first garments together, we wanted to have a neutral and flexible range so we began with a classic collection of whitegrey and black as a palette, to help create a sound foundation with shades often used to bring other colours out.

These colours don’t convey any particular message on their own, but neutral colours are in the palette to support their noisy, loud colour neighbours.Their use can be truly universal as they work well in a variety of applications. Black can be combined with bright colours and white with dark colours, making a classic, almost universal combination.

In today’s commercial environment the importance of colour can sometimes mean the success or failure of a product.

When we look at how neutral colours are used in branding for organisations, it shows the brand wants to portray themselves a completely trustworthy and serious organisation. Which leads us nicely to state that Fifty One Apparel is also an honest, sincere and trustworthy company. We are serious about giving our customers an excellent product and a quality service.

So, with Navy and Pink products coming into our range, we look forward to a Navy Monday and a Pink Sunday coming any day soon! 



November 28, 2018 — Barbara Warren

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