Sustainability All The Way

Although Fifty One Apparel is a new and small business we make every effort to work in a sustainable way.

We are constantly looking for new ways to improve our carbon footprint be it in our packaging or the suppliers we use. We work with fabric mills who are ethical in their approach and take today's environmental issues very seriously but we often find that the direction we want to take is hindered by our embryonic status and that our inability to leverage economies of scale prevents us from making some purchasing decisions we ideally would want to make. But, we will not give up on our path for better ways of working to provide a sustainable and commercial product.

It is not just in our production where we focus on our working practices but beyond the sale of our garments and, on a chance conversation with a business mentor, we touched on the subject of the ECOEGG. Founded in 2008 it has been designed to provide an effective eco friendly laundry and cleaning product. It is not tested on animals and could revolutionise our domestic washing habits.

The ECOEGG has many benefits as it is a mineral based washing system that works without the use of harsh chemicals and, therefore, kind to the skin and has been endorsed by Allergy UK and Allergy friendly.

The concept would also reduce plastic waste which is becoming ever more prevalent, not least yesterday having seen the news of a whale being washed up on the shores of the Philippines with 6 stone of plastic found in its stomach. The whale had ingested the plastic and had died from gastric shock highlighting the damage humans are having on sea life and inevitably the danger of plastics coming into our food chain.

The simplicity of the product is genius in that you can leave it in your washing machine to wash time after time making it extremely economical. It is intended to last for 720 washes which is the equivalent of around 3 years washing time.

There is an offer of a 30 day ‘love it or return it’ guarantee plus a 10 year guarantee on the Ecoegg Laundry Egg. No returns needed from our side it’s a Love It from Fifty One Apparel.

Garments are washed showing finished results as you would expect from normal washing powder so no downside to the level of cleanliness to the garments.

So once you have bought your Fifty One Apparel garment we suggest the next item in your basket is an ECOEGG. You will not be disappointed.   


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