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Women have been headlining over the past weeks for good and for bad. Doctor Christine Blasey Ford made compulsive viewing in a trial this week as we heard her testimony against Brett Kavanaugh. A case which increasingly seems to be very much a case of he said she said and certainly not a case I would want to judge.

On a more positive note Wolf Alice headed by lead singer Ellie Rowsell won the coveted 2018 Mercury music prize and Beyonce was crowned music's most powerful woman by BBC Woman's Hour power list. The superstar came first in a list of the industry's 40 most influential women, thanks to her feminism, activism and empowering musical messages. No surprises there.

In the past, gender diversity in the music industry has been weak, especially in technical jobs such as engineering and production, and, according to Radio 4 research, shows that men still account for the majority of hit singles, currently standing at 78%.

There is a common theme with how women and men approach opportunities and, I stress, this is a generalisation, but as women would prefer to be elevated into a position and prove their worth thinking they are unworthy of a role until they have ticked all the boxes required. Men are more confident to take on roles and prove themselves in situ, accept a job even without the experience required, but competent to recognise that the job can be done. I, for one, have seen a high number of friends shy away from a position/opportunity believing that due to lack of experience of one or two aspects of an advertised role they are unsuitable. Be bold and have the confidence shown by their gender rivals ! It should be a level playing field

Campaigns set out to help women in the workplace is welcomed but needs to be rolled out and embraced by more organisations. We are living in a time where, for the first time, there is a generation of women working through the menopause and they need all the support they can get to maximise their potential 

In our own way we want to support women with our garments to help manage the uncomfortable symptoms of the menopause. Our intelligent fabrics are designed to regulate the body’s temperature and give women confidence at home and in the work place by making them comfortable and less self conscious. We are committed to do our bit ,no matter what the scale, to make the lives of women a little easier.





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