Some People Want to have that Monday Morning Feeling

We regularly hear of women wanting to get back into the work place after having a family and the difficulties faced trying to get a footing back on the treadmill.

However, spare a thought for those women who have never wanted to be out of work but for whatever the circumstance have found at the age of 45+ the need to start a job search. With a wealth of experience in the bag it would seem realistic to think finding work would not be so much of a hard task but, alas, that is not always the case.

The hardship of finding a suitable position can sometimes have a devastating impact and the problems are manifold with the financial pressures associated with loss of income and the family still at home reliant on the salary to keep the family unit a float can be enormously stressful and put additional strain on relationships.

The despondency that can occur when the wealth of experience and knowledge of an industry goes unnoticed with not so much as an acknowledgement to the interest shown in the job. It is not only demoralising but, to a certain degree, can be degrading. Many complain that after spending an inordinate amount of time researching and applying for jobs with a confidence that all boxes have been ticked it is a real set back to experience lack of feedback or any recognition of the candidate's application.

Employers should realise the importance of a response to all applicants even if the job was over subscribed, not only is it courteous but it also shows respect for the individual. Many people in this position state lack of self worth as being a real issue in times of unemployment and the effect it can have on mental health can be immense.

The working environment does not just provide financial stability but also puts a structure in life, and involvement in the community of the work place. The routine and the disciplines are all crucial factors to the health of the individual and should not be underestimated. 

While women returning to work have found it a blessing others have found the roles being offered to be at a lower level than previous positions held along with the salary.  The overriding feeling is that it is far better for one’s well being to be in a job and in a working environment than not at all. The most important element is to have a purpose and to be appreciated to allow personal development.

There is help out there to help boost the opportunities to get back into work and once such scheme helps people not just to develop skills but also meeting like minded people.

So when we moan and groan on a wet Monday morning commuting in the cold in search of Plan B, spare a thought for those hoping to secure Plan A.........



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