MenoDelight finds Fifty One Apparel a Delight

Here at Menodelight we pride ourselves on stocking products that will truly benefit menopausal women.  Both Jo and I are peri-menopausal and between the two of us we experience most of the usual menopausal symptoms! So when we were looking for a clothing brand to add to our website  to include in our hot flushes section we tried all the options available on the market.

When we met Louise and saw the range of clothing she had, we were blown away by the quality.  So much so, we both purchased outfits for ourselves immediately!

Hot flushes are a common symptom of the menopause, but it doesn’t mean that we have to put up with them.  So, we have tirelessly been trying a number of products on the market to make sure we stock products that truly benefit a menopausal woman. 

My experience of Fifty One Apparel

I decided to purchase the Rachael lounge pants and the Charlie vest in black. When the clothes arrived, you could tell that they had been lovingly packaged by hand. They were beautifully wrapped in tissue with stickers and a small bag of lavender so when I opened the package the smell was amazing.  It was a lovely touch. I am a size 10 and both items fitted perfectly although being 5‘10“ the Nikki vest could have been longer but then I do have an extremely long body!

As soon as I put the clothes on, I felt like I never wanted to take them off!  Instantly my body felt cool, it was a lovely feeling. I have been experiencing horrific night sweats for the last four months, which would come on for 7 days before I experienced a period. My night sweats have been so bad I was waking up in a pool of sweat so it was a welcoming relief to have something cool against my skin. I was slightly sceptical whether they would actually work, however when my night sweats kicked in, I was thankful for my Charlie Vest! The climate control technology really did the job.  So much so I then purchased the Susie scoop for a friend who is having the same problem, but she was finding that her hot flushes were happening at work during the day.

I also purchased the Lulu shorts in dust pink to sleep in, these, combined with the Nicki Vest is a perfect bedtime outfit. The Rachel lounge pants I now wear during the day when I’m at home as they are so comfortable, even the waistband feels soft on your skin.

Jo’s experience of Fifty One Apparel

Following countless nights of waking up in a sweat I sceptically purchased a pair of Sophie Palazzo Pants and a Susie Scoop Top to see if they could make any difference to the constant heat I was experiencing.  From the moment I put them on I fell in love with them.  The silky softness of the fabric and the way the material gently flows make them extremely comfortable to wear.  So regardless of whether they helped with my night sweats I knew instantly that they would become some of my favourite clothes.  

However, I am pleased to say that they most definitely have made a difference. Although I do still experience night sweats, I no longer wake up in a sweat and neither do I wake up feeling cold and shivery, so in my eyes that is a huge win!  This will be due to the climate control technology used in the clothes. In some miraculous way, when our bodies begin to heat up the heat is somehow taken away from our bodies.  It is then stored and when our body begins to cool down that heat is then released back, ensuring we don’t begin to feel cold.    

On the nights when I don’t wear them, I most certainly suffer with a much worse sweat.

During lockdown, both items of clothing have been used a lot as they are definitely my chosen items to lounge about it. Plus, they both come with the added bonus of washing well and drying with ease.

The Sophie Palazzo Pants have just been released in a gorgeous carbon grey colour and the Susie Scoop in my all-time favourite colour, navy – both of which are already in my shopping basket, along with the Charlie Vest Top and Lulu Shorts!


After Jo and I both had such amazing results with Fifty One Apparel we decided to stock the products on our website at They feature in our symptom category  for hot flushes. We have selected our favourite pieces that can be purchased with other products to help relieve menopausal symptoms naturally.

Thank you 51 as you have personally helped us with our night sweats and also enhanced our product range!


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