Domestic Bliss in Lockdown

In recent weeks there has been a greater focus on Fathers and not necessarily because of the upcoming Father’s Day, Sunday 21st June.

During lockdown research has found that fathers have spent 58% more time on child care since records began but despite this increase the figure remains still less than that of mothers.

A positive outcome that has come from these past few months is that with “WFH” likely to feature more heavily as the new norm it is hoped that men will feature more heavily in the lives of their children.

While this is more than welcome the vast majority of women would still question the division of labour around the house and not just in the physical aspects of home management  but also the mental side to family life. Who remembers the birthdays, the school trip money, the dental appointments ? I would guess the vast majority of households in the UK rely heavily on the female contributor ! It is not an easy burden to carry for women especially when the mix of pressures at work are thrown in for good measure.

King’s College London's research showed that women seemed to be affected more in lockdown with 57% of women saying they are more anxious and stressed, compared to 40% of men. More women than men also report that they are getting less sleep, and eating less healthily, than usual.

In previous generations it is fair to say that the traditional roles within the house were very much based around the women spending time at home as the partner took on the role of "bread winner",  but as women became more prominent in the workplace there have been glaring inequalities, significant gaps where women do not feel entitled to putting their own needs and ambitions ahead of their male partners. The topic resonating currently, through streets and towns, is that of home schooling and who is at the helm to manage this discipline. Do we need to ask ?  During this lockdown, mothers in the UK are typically providing at least 50% more childcare as well as spending around 10% to 30% more time than fathers home schooling their children, 

There will undoubtedly be a shift in society after this pandemic abates where the inequalities at home have been brought to the forefront and a need for change has been recognised. A period of domestic bliss could well be on the way.

This coming Sunday we can cut them a bit of slack.

Men out there, enjoy. You deserve it, or do you ??!!!





June 20, 2020 — fifty-one clothing Admin

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