Lessons Learnt

                             Lessons Learnt


Fifty One Apparel is now 6 months old and what a fantastic experience this has been.

From our initial ideas back in 2016 built from listening to a radio programme on the menopause combined with a fabric development being worked on for menswear the concept was created.

Did we ever think there could be so many things to consider? How difficult to secure an URL? Was it wise to ask so many people opinions on brand names, on shapes, on colours?

The big challenge with any new business is to know the market and recognise the opportunities open to the business concept and cater to them.

We are new, we are small, we are cautious but we know we have a great product and we know the technology we promote genuinely works. Our investment is in making sure our fabrics are tactile and technically sound, the garment makeup is of a high standard and the styles are developed to work in many environments.

Social media – wow……….what a baptism of fire. Having been so proud of not using Social Media in my personal life to any great degree despite working with companies whose businesses rely on the power of the internet for their success it is obvious that we had to learn fast and believe me we are still learning.

The importance of networking cannot be under estimated and our contacts’ advice and guidance has been immeasurable, helping us to find the best routes for manufacturing, advice on website management, social media tips the list goes on……

We are now in the process of launching another small range of products with new shades but with the same philosophy as our first, capsule collection, simple shapes, classic colours with the options to wear as and when – tiara or flip flops take your pick

The biggest lesson for us is to always listen to our customer and hosting parties has helped us understand what people want in terms of style, colour and comfort. Our reviews also help us to formulate what is loved and all comments good and bad are a huge help to our development

We hope you will love our new range as much as you have our first

Please keep supporting us – we want to supply a beautiful product at an affordable price

We are open to ideas, we want to learn, help us on our way and any tips please let us know. We are not too proud to be told we are wrong!!


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