It's the party season !!

Do you remember getting excited about the prospect of a birthday celebrating an 18th or a 21st  ? If you, like most of us , made sure that preparations on hair, makeup and clothes were planned well in advance to ensure the best entrance was made, fast forward to our later years, and the excitement of a night out to celebrate someone’s 50th is more the general theme and, if lucky enough to secure a 40th we really do feel “down with the kids”.

The number of days taken at the age of 18 to shop for days on end to find the right outfit for said party is now mirrored by hours spent looking in the wardrobe to find a dress in the archives which might just fit the bill. It’s not for the want of wishing to look one’s best but these celebrations do bring home to roost the changes in our priorities, not to mention body shape and mood swings as we approach the glory days/years of our 50s.

It is a fact that we, the population of 50 + are in a perfect storm of emotions with the pressure of teenage children’s demands running alongside those of ageing parents. Put that in a pot with full time work and a partner who has his/her own needs and it is a recipe for something quite special on the stressometer!

Hey, but not to worry, for all those who relate to the above, Christmas is coming and that’s always something to look forward to, NOT…………but let us help out a little here to ease the Christmas pressure. We are here to find the perfect solutions to keep us how we ought to be – happy and comfortable.

We have a range of clothing, it’s not blingtastic, it’s not fancy schmansy but it is classic and if you can’t regulate your temper it can help you regulate your temperature !

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