It's Good for the Garden

Yesterday we experienced the hottest day of the year with temperatures in Cambridge reaching 38.1°C which is the second time temperatures have surpassed 100 Fahrenheit in the UK. We love to talk about the weather and so it is refreshing that such extreme heat did take the focus away from Brexit and put the weather firmly back in pole position as an opening conversational topic, for a day at least.

We Brits are never happy. When the rain came earlier in the year we complained about the typical British wet summer, when the sun came out in force this week we complained of the intense heat, the sleepless nights the disruption to the commute and when the rains came later in the day the long and heavy sigh resonated that the summer was over with a weary admission “it’s good for the garden”.

The rain is good for the garden but the garden is also good for us. Listening to an article by Sue Biggs, Director General of the Royal Horticultural Society she reminds us how easy it is to forget the benefits of an open space no matter what the size and, in this case, size really doesn’t matter. A small balcony can give as much pleasure as a rolling acre of land. The RHS has grown ( pardon the pun ) from 350,000- 510,000 as we become more passionate about Horticulture.

The qualities to becoming a good gardener, and I am still working on it, is a love for the outdoors ( √ ) plants ( √ ) and patience ( x ). Research carried out states that we all should have a “nature dose” of at least 2 hours a week.  It is more beneficial for our health both physical and mental if we go outside every day.

Gardening can be responsible for helping people to get over tough times and speaking from experience Sue had the tumultuous of tumultuous times in her 50s finding out she had cancer in 2014, her mother dying and her husband of 30 years of marriage deciding to leave her. The decade was dark and difficult and along with great friends and family she holds her garden responsible for pulling her through such a negative time in her life.

The garden brings hope and the healing effects cannot be emphasised enough. Gardening is not just a great way to exercise but it should also be about optimism in planting for the future. A tip for the weekend, get out your Charlie Vest with your favourite shorts get into the garden and get digging. Hoe!Hoe! Hoe!




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