It's All About Control

For those of us in the UK still holding on to those precious few hours of the Bank Holiday weekend relaxing, reclining or recovering. The overriding sentiments that came out of this weekend’s events were balance and control. In this household anyway.

While Friday night was set to be calm and chilled at home after a tough and busy week at work, but with an offer of a cheeky glass of something fragrant, the table was turned and the arm was twisted. Two shots later and the evening was on course to be a very good one. So this is where the control kicks in. At what stage do you think enough is enough. Where does one draw the line in maximising the potential of every situation and avoiding disaster ? Friday night, disaster averted.

As the weather forecast on Saturday was unpredictable to put it mildly, the corresponding wardrobe decisions mirrored the same. An umbrella, padded jacket, t shirt and shorts were all relevant in a relatively short period of just a few hours on Saturday afternoon. Safe to say the lack of control over our meteorological idiosyncrasies meant that the number of items of clothing worn or carried was not one of a typical Spring day. No control shown on the items of clothing worn and further lack of control generally shown as the evening progressed.

Moving shakily into Sunday following the very ill balanced but good humoured Saturday evening and the teenage daughter makes a strategic move to prevent any chance of equilibrium and harmony to resonate in our corridors. The unreasonable and uncompromising demands she made upon us required control both mentally and physically! Time to put the lid firmly on and simmer rather than boil. A stretch in HMP is not what is in the plan for the summer vacation. A balanced approach needed.

Monday, and a chance to indulge in a 90 minute workout at Bikram Yoga in 42 degree heat accompanied by fifty sweating Homo sapiens. Bikram, as with most yoga, promotes the balancing of both body and mind. A chance to take control of your daily stress and strife, 90 minutes of pure concentration and a chance to dispel the weekend’s collection of toxins. Refresh, re hydrate and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

Finally there is a calmness as the working week fast approaches and for those not acquainted to Fifty One Apparel this is a very unsubtle link to our clothing brand which is designed to help alleviate the symptoms of the menopause and to keep the body’s temperature regulated and under control.

This means that you remain at a constant balanced temperature neither too hot nor too cold. The concept being that no matter what the environment you should always feel comfortable day or night, rain or shine, winter or spring. No matter what you do it’s all about control …………


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