Is it the menopause or exam pressure ?

The long awaited exam results are upon us and this can be a time of extreme pressure for parents as well as the students. The timing of the menopause often hits women as their children hit the demanding teenage years where boundaries are stretched and the increasing social media pressure on children brings anxiety for children and parents alike.

Hormonal changes associated with the menopause can result in psychological symptoms with the hot flush being the most widely acknowledged. However, anxiety in the past, has not been discussed in relation to the menopause and often can be more of an obstacle than the hot flush and the night time sweats.

In fact when you look into the common symptoms of the menopause you could be mistaken for being a typical teenager !!

With the mood swings and irritability comes along with a feeling of low self esteem. Tiredness and poor sleep patterns contribute to the crushing sense that they can no longer cope with situations which previously would have been dealt with head on, no messing, no faffing, all done and dusted.

This lack of confidence and a feeling of being under valued are all very common but in being “invisible” symptoms they have gone largely unrecognised, until recent times. It is, however, easy to parcel up these emotions and put them neatly under the umbrella of having “depression”,  a quick and easy diagnosis to make without it necessarily being the correct one.

There are other options to be approached with choices of a better diet, products to help promote good sleep patterns, a disciplined fitness regime all contribute to managing this difficult period of our lives.

With that in mind – for all those having stressed or are still stressing about the A level/ GCSE results – take heart that we can relate to all the emotions running high with our teenage children who have had their results and for those that are still waiting.

Stay positive and fingers crossed for our teenagers………..they need us…..


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