How to travel with Fifty One Apparel



Through out the summer we have had comments from all our customers travelling to all corners of the world. The positive comments are appreciated and encouraging be it the effectiveness in the humid climate of Thailand to the benefits of a 12 hour long haul flight where the performance of a temperature controlled fabric works beautifully.

It is great to note that for many who suffer badly with menopausal symptoms it does not hamper the thirst for travel. Hot sweats and a shortness of breath can be a concern along with broken sleep patterns due to the erratic body temperature can often cause insomnia. Armed with all these symptoms you need to make sure your family are also well equipped for your mood swings and poor concentration. Their mother who is normally on point may begin to not be quite as reliable as once thought!!!  IT’S NOT HER FAULT

Women perimenopausal/ menopausal may struggle to find a good solution when doing the big travel gig. Be careful taking the “natural” remedies in far flung countries, you need to do your homework as side effects may be worse than your symptoms and while we may be recommended to leave the alcohol and spicy food to one side I doubt many would make the sacrifice!

The wonderful benefit of a big trip is that in keeping busy and focussed on the schedule there is little brain space to spare to notice the negative signs. Exercise, exercise and more exercise is an absolute must to keeping sane and fit as well as masquerading any deep moods

So while those whose holidays are well and truly over for this year and the UK starts to feel the downward guage in the temperature we will now turn our attention to Fifty One Apparel keeping you all perfectly comfortable where the advantage of wearing our tops and bottoms will become apparent.

No concerns on overheating, no concerns on being too cold just a concern on how best to wear your Fifty One garments

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