Healthy and Glowing Start to the Year with Arbonne


Still in the wake of our good intentions, we have connected once more with Arbonne and this time, in the quest for good health, well-being and glowing skin!

The first product we have tried is their Healthy Living Plan and their 30 day detox regime with a focus to remove toxins and provide a “clean” diet. Benefits will strike a chord for those women suffering typical symptoms of the menopause as this diet offers higher energy levels, sound sleep patterns, more focus and potential loss of weight!

Unlike some, Arbonne do not promise magic, however they explain the benefits of using their products on our mind, skin and body.   

Arbonne products use plant powered extracts to provide all the nutrients our body needs to stay “extraordinarily healthy.”   With a range of snacks and supplements you have a choice of flavours to choose from. Arbonne are vegan certified which is becoming more and more relevant in today`s environment.

Now for my new glowing face.  Credit goes completely to Arbonnes’ Makeup Primer. Again, made from 100% natural products, not only is it good for my makeup, it is good for my skin too.  With it’s fantastic smooth finish, the primer ensures the makeup stays on for longer, stays looking fresh and it also seems to even out the skin to diminish signs of lines and pores.  Definite thumbs up!


The Key ingredients in the Arbonne Make up Primer are green tea leaf and grapeseed extract with hyaluronic filling spheres.   

If you want to follow up and try Arbonnes’ 30 days to Healthy Living , or any of their products, contact  Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick,; 07970 062015


January 17, 2019 — Barbara Warren

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