Have a Heart and Wear Red

As we begin to see the first signs of Spring, we are, today, being encouraged to wear Red, a strong, vibrant and powerful colour which can offer help to draw attention and stand out from the crowd. It’s WEAR RED DAY.

Red is perhaps the colour in our palette which evokes the extremes and heightens the emotions. Our ancestors, as we do today, used the symbolism of this colour to signify power, passion and strength, imagery of blood and fire associated with ferocious battles of days gone by gives rise to red’s powerful association through the centuries.

The significance of the colour varies around the world. In Asia red represents the colour of good luck and fortune and  stock markets use red to denote a rise in share prices whereas, in other markets, red denotes a fall or signifies STOP/HALT and so exemplifying the point raised on how red is used to provoke the extremities of our emotions and the drama of a situation.

However, it is not for vanity reasons that we are being urged to sport this colour today but to show our support in bringing awareness to Heart Disease. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute established this campaign to bring to our attention the fact that thousands in the UK and around the world die each year from diseases associated to the heart.

Age is a major factor in contracting heart disease with the risks increasing with every new decade, resulting from the accumulation of fat in the heart which may have even started as early as the young teenage years. It is, therefore, important to reevaluate life style patterns as there are many reasons for the causes of heart problems be it lack of exercise, high cholesterol, blood pressure and alcohol consumption which clearly indicates that a high percentage of these causes are easily preventable. 

Take time out to look at diet and daily routines, there is plenty of information out there for guidance to promote good health. Don't leave it too late.

Dig out that bright crimson top, wear and show you care..............




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