Friendship is more than Friendship

There is one time in our calendar when a cacophony of emotions, a perfect storm of sentiments rage through most households. Yes, it’s Christmas the season of goodwill to fellowmen! Did the “goodwill” somehow get lost in translation, has it been lost beneath the pressure to find the right sized jumper for Aunt Judy or the fight to host this year’s celebratory dinner.

However, the festive season does have many benefits and one being the focus it brings to the mind on our friends’ past and present and how friendships flourish or flounder as the years progress. The importance of friendships is never more appreciated or acknowledged then during this festive period and it is recognised that good friends are also good for the general health and wellbeing. An important point to note at a time when perhaps the stress Christmas often brings is heightened.

A strong friendship can help to combat stress and also prevent a feeling of loneliness, which can be a problem for so many who struggle to build friendships easily. Spending time with friends with a positive outlook can often change our mindset and help make better lifestyle choices which, as a result, can help to recover from health problems more easily.

Maintaining friendships as we grow older is not always an easy task as new partners or family commitments come into the frame which may mean that old established friends are put to one side and a once strong relationship weakens or is lost completely. To keep a healthy friendship intact there needs to be give and take but the key is to always be there, to be a sounding board and a rock in times of stress. It does, without doubt, require effort but it is an investment well worth making for the value of the returns.

Christmas is a time for reflection and while we give our families pole position, our friends need to be pretty high up there on the starting grid.

Reach out for those Christmas cards and a pen, get back in touch and see what friendships bring in 2020.


December 09, 2019 — fifty-one clothing Admin

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