Fifty One Apparel the Work Horse

It was a long and unrelenting last week, a few days in the Lake District, just the ticket for a consistently reliable work horse.

I am a guest blogger, an original Karin V neck, separated from my equally talented peers at the moment.


Life for me has been pretty challenging…but I’m a winner! I’m worn and washed with great regularity and exposed to all weather conditions with expectations to be hot, be cold, and I perform. Quite frankly, I do not always feel up to the pressure but, it seems, I still deliver as an ally and “wardrobe staple”.

I overhear comments that I am the chosen one and by the fact that I am frequently packed, sometimes unceremoniously, in suitcases and overnight bags year in, year out, I do not disagree that I am pretty special.

This week, my role has been to work on the challenging walks that the Lake District has on offer. A challenge to give the appearance of being casually fantastic with a technical twist, and an option to be coy, under layers or “out there” exposed to the elements.

It was a great surprise midweek to find my long-lost friend, Susie , ‘The Scoop’, in the middle of Great Langdale’s Stickle Pike making an appearance on the same mountainous walk. A wonderful meet up with an old friend, worn in a similar vein, matchy, matchy ! And being one of the original Fifty One proto types we had a lot to talk about. We had a lovely catch up and compared and contrasted our successes and of our efforts to be level headed and cool under pressure.

Although I am a fan of the great outdoors I sensed, and I was right, that I would have little time off to truly relax and take stock of the beautiful surroundings I found myself in. What was worse, as the week progressed, I had that nagging feeling that I was on the night shift too! Not even one day off ……….from hillside to bedside. I managed to be cool about it all.

It’s lovely to be wanted but hurry up Fifty One Apparel, find a new favourite, I need a break… Oh I’m on one………


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