Fifty One Apparel At Wimbledon 2019

Having missed the ballot ( as is the norm ) for Wimbledon tickets it is a BIG shout out to #humbug61 who secured tickets for us.

For such events preparation is everything, I find 

Wardrobe is always an issue for such events. How do you hit the right spot without the help of a personal shopper, stylist or a decent mirror. Warm humid weather was the  forecast,  possible rain, high temperatures and the chance of heavy cloud cover. The obvious choice was, as you would guess, started with a Fifty One Apparel Karin V with a cheeky Charlie vest thrown into a bag for good measure should the brilliant sunshine materialise.


Travel by train all looking good, feeling fresh despite the rising tide of excitement and the numerous tennis fans piling into the same carriage increasing the temperature by 1 degree and so it cannot all be put down to global warming.

A civilised walk, a pilgrimage for some, to the impressive grounds of Wimbledon the home of England Lawn Tennis Association and a bastion of the great British Summer Time calendar. How impressive is this event ?, slick, manicured in all respects, not only the lawns. This was going to be a great event I could feel it in my Barley’s Water and it did not disappoint.

The wine flowed as did the Pimms and the chance of a sneaky snooze in the sunshine was tempting but for the fear of being caught on camera. Imagine, your one and only time on National TV and you’re seen in an unflattering or uncompromising position ! No thanks.

Karin V stood up to the challenges we set our garments. Totally comfortable , no requirement for fan or other coolant, perfectly fine.

Exhausting as the day was sitting down and having a lovely time I still wanted to sit down on my journey home so planned a detour to avoid the crowds and embark at an earlier station. All good.

However, as the great tennis unwashed joined me two stops later I had no option to forego my seat to someone whose need was greater than mind and the relaxing journey home was far from it. Tired and jaded was I but the clothes stood the test of time and temperature. I’m impressed.

Crashing out I took myself into my final set, Lulu Short and Nikki Vest, a cuppa and it’s all over..

Love, Set and Match x





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