Festive Fun - Was it ?

So the Xmas festivities are over, time off work eating and drinking to one’s hearts’ content seeing family and friends – nothing really not to like, or is there ? Mixed emotions before, during and after the holiday. It is fair to say that there is a great deal of stress attributed to the Christmas season and it takes its' toll not only physically but also emotionally. The lists for preparation seem endless and with so much going on it can be often difficult to see the fun in the word festive.

We all know about the workload Christmas brings,  and while we all love those little extra touches, those sweet traditions, it's fair to say they don’t just happen and it is more often the case that the women of the house tend to bear the brunt of the chores and this can bring a sense of stress to families. With many women in full time work the demands of maintaining a household in addition to Christmas preparations can tip many over the edge.

Clearly a lot of us would have good reason not to like Christmas, loss of family or separation but our moods can often be attributed to other reasons we would not naturally consider such as the time of year with shorter days which impacts on negative moods and the effect of reduced daylight has been linked with a negative impact on wellbeing in the home and workplace.

Those awful Christmas songs which resonate from retail outlets as you try to negotiate the aisles and sales counters thronged with other pan faced shoppers does not fill the soul with joy and while there can be something pleasant in the familiarity of song the high level of repetition can rapidly disintegrate into  irritation. I think it fair to say that most Christmas songs/ anthems meet this criteria.

The pressure to present the “perfect” Christmas is enormous and largely unrealistic where life is more complicated than the adverts would lead us to believe.The preparations can be chaotic and expensive and not necessarily the relaxing cheerful family sitting around an abundant table resplendent in festive charm. We do want the best but as expectations can often mean disappointment and stress on a personal level this is now being fuelled with the onslaught of social media  where the pressures are only compounded to meet the “acceptable” and “enviable” image.

We have covered on more than one occasion the importance of us having a balanced approach to life and so with the onset of 2019 we should take stock and enjoy the moment. Worry not what the media would lead us to expect of ourselves and give ourselves a pat on the back for surviving the events of Christmas 2018 !!!

A happy and peaceful 2019 from all at Fifty One Apparel




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