Exercise through a Crisis

You may have been on the first step of Couch to 5k when the restriction on movement came in to play and the temptation to stay on the sofa may have been the excuse you were looking for to rest sedately on the chaise longue.

Two weeks into life at home and we, as our neighbour suggested, have the opportunity to be the fittest alcoholics in the UK or we could decide simply to be the fittest. We are naturally a nation who embrace habits and routines and so now is a good time to recreate some new routines, no excuses, and take on (and keep to) a doable fitness regime.

We have the opportunity to carry out our daily, weekly exercise class in the comfort of the bedroom or living room, thanks to a host of social media platforms.  A shared experience with our usual companions but with a backdrop of a bed or sofa as opposed to a studio full of kettle bells and resistance bands! Plus the added benefit of not having to wait for the showers to be free after the workout.

Joe Wicks has seen his profile catapulted into the nation’s front rooms as he livestreams his workout to 6 million people in the first few days. His classes were originally designed to give school children a homespun PE lesson but it seems all age groups are taking advantage of his 9.00am wakeup workout.

It would appear that the home gym market is reaping the benefits of the nation’s current crisis but as the luxury of space is not available to all, exercising with simple weights and a skipping rope in thirty minutes is more than adequate for an effective cardio exercise programme. More importantly the regularity of exercise can help those struggling mentally at this difficult time. The wellbeing of the mind is as, if not more, pivotal to anyone’s health and a twenty to thirty minutes workout will not only help with a more positive approach but build up the body’s immune system. There is a general feeling of being more energetic during the day, sleeping better at night, a clearer mind and a heightened level of self-esteem.

It is fair to say that membership to gyms and sports clubs is also about the social side of life and being part of a community so why not share the experiences of music gigs with friends online, with apps such as House Party or Facetime to bring the artist into your home. The Montreux Jazz Festival has made concerts available with a free streaming service for acts including Johnny Cash, Marvin Gaye, Carlos Santana to name but a few.

While we cannot deny the situation is tough there are a lot of services out there to make our lives a little more palatable.

Be fit be safe x 


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