Be a Busy Bee when you're free - it's good for your health

It’s fair to say that there is very little that occupies people these days other than the Coronavirus and the ramifications this will bring. While the UK looks to be heading to lockdown mode there are concerns for the mental wellbeing of those who are living alone with little chance of contact with friends or family.

As bars, restaurants and theatres close and non-vital meetings are discouraged, there is the chance that come the evenings and weekends we find ourselves with time on our hands.

Keeping fit and healthy has to be a priority not only in physical terms but also mentally. Bear in mind, it won’t take long for all the box sets to be finished so being time poor should not be an issue and now may be the time to bring into your life a new regime without leaving the comforts of the home, taking couch to 5K to a different level. With Apps now available even for the many who hate the thought of a gym perhaps the 7 minute workout may just be the ticket.

For those of you who have looked at their wardrobe and closed it in despair at the chaos that greets you this could be the time to declutter, literally, put the house in order and, who better to guide you through this house proud moment than Mrs Hinch, the Instagram sensation with 3 million followers seeking help on how to remove dirt mark from doors or best ways to put T shirts in the drawer

If you are fortunate enough to have outside space and the winter months have kept us away from the garden we now have the perfect excuse to get out and give your garden, yard or balcony the long overdue care it needs. The nurturing of plants does wonders for wellbeing and can also help one's mood and mental health, with the physical exercise also contributing to a healthy weight and in the prevention of high blood pressure levels. A simple task such as raking leaves for 30 minutes each day could have a positive impact as the physical side of gardening is considered to be moderate/intense exercise which is far better than walking at an average pace.

While we may be facing some very difficult times over the next few months it is important to stay positive and upbeat while making the best of any surplus time we have and, in doing so, take our mind off the doom and gloom.

Get up, work out and keep healthy.......

March 17, 2020 — fifty-one clothing Admin

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