Colour is not as Black and White as we think

With the onset of Red Wednesday and Black Friday we find ourselves in the latter stages of colour selection for Fifty One Apparel's Spring Summer 2020 collection. It is, perhaps, appropriate to consider the relevance of colour in our day to day lives as we embark on what shades we keep and what we discard.

Colour psychology emerged thousands of years ago when Egyptians studied the effect of colours on mood and used them for holistic purposes. Red was seen to symbolise improved blood circulation; yellow, the purification of the body, blue to sooth pain, purple to alleviate skin problems, orange to increase energy and black a symbol of life and rebirth.

Carl Jung the infamous psychiatrist believed that humans have a physical response to colours and that “colours are the mother tongue of the subconscious”. This explains why I regularly see Red !

Abstract, Danger, Dangerous, Red, Anger

Such research has led the way for colours to be key in marketing strategies and campaigns.

Red creates a sense of urgency which may explain the use of this to advertise Sales and clearance lines.

Blue provides a sense of calm and is seen to stimulate productivity as it is considered a very positive colour and this is the most common colour used in brands wishing to promote trust in their products which is why global institutions are prone to its use.

Green is associated with health, tranquillity and our natural surroundings.

Yellow is vibrant and an optimistic colour used for motivating. As a striking shade it can often be used to grab the consumer’s attention.

White while this is plain it is used for purity, cleanliness and also can induce a sense of tranquillity.

As we are in the midst of colour palette pandemonium we are conscious of the importance of colour for our clothing ranges. We do not have the luxury of being too “outre” ! as we prioritise wide appeal and are garments need to have an immediate and long-lasting impact.

As with advertising and marketing our colour selection as well as our fabric’s will have an influence on the way we make our customer’s feel. It is believed that our mood can sometimes affect the colours we choose to wear so with that in mind we have covered all angles. As with our technical fabrics which are ideal for use both night and day, our chosen colours just might help to cover all emotional levels needing to be addressed.


With that in mind we’re hoping that there will not be any “grey” areas when making our decisions and hope you will be tickled "pink" with our colours !! 


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