Collaboration An Essential Element to Success

Several situations have happened this week which has made me think of the importance of the meaning of Collaboration. The Oxford dictionary define as

The situation of two or more people working together to create or achieve the same thing.

As if we haven’t heard enough about Brexit (please don’t stop reading ) but this is one perfect example which we can all relate to and all value the need of collaborative action.

Is it arrogance or fear that makes us act solo when really a good working relationship can be far more productive and positive.

If you consider the synonyms:

cooperation, alliance, partnership, participation, combination, association

All relevant to the importance of collaboration in governance. So, this leads me to Fifty One Apparel and how we value the need for such an approach in our business. No surprises that we want to build our  brand and make a success in the menopause market but we recognise that we cannot do this without the help of others.

Help which comes in many guises but all of which are of equal importance.

Close friendships and work connections have been pivotal in the early days to keep our overheads low as we call on favours and milk any knowledge they have to share.

Our link up with Michelle Heaton earlier this month was a great boost to our brand and similar responses were recognised in our work with influencers overseas as they mentioned the benefits of Fifty One Apparel in their various posts.

And in more recent weeks it has been great to work with Jane Hallam from Esteem, Jo and Anne from Positive Pause who have all been happy to share their journeys with us as we discussed our losses and our gains.  Companies in the same market are considered to be our competition but as mentioned above is it arrogance or fear that would prevent us from coming together and giving advice and support to each other’s business models. The benefits far outweigh any negative impact of such collaborative work and we bear testament to this.

Fifty One Apparel is a budding company with aspirations to be in full bloom before long and it is only with the continued support and generosity of those around us who will make success possible.

What a shame our politicians do not have the same level of cooperation to help them conclude what seems a never ending drama…….


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