Celebrate in Lockdown Style

 On May 8th we will celebrate Victory in Europe ( VE Day ) and this year marks 75 years since the end of the Second World War when the final document was signed in Berlin in 1945.

While this is an ideal opportunity to bring communities together and celebrate this momentous occasion the Coronavirus has put a halt to any grand plans of street parties or spectacular national events but as with all things in the current climate we are finding ways to compromise and make the best of a far from ideal situation.

With respect for the social distancing measures we are still being encouraged to decorate our homes in colours of the Union Jack and host parties within the confines of the home and garden so we do not miss honouring those involved in direct conflict and others who had essential roles during the Second World War which led to victory.

Friday’s event brings to mind all those other festivities which have been placed on hold these past weeks/months. So many milestone birthdays have been watered down from the planned mass gathering of family and friends to a sedate raising of a glass over a meal put together from what remained on the supermarket shelf. It seems that the corks are in the bottles and they are ready to burst with anticipation of any talk of a lift to lockdown.

The disappointment of those who have waited years to secure the date and venue for the perfect wedding only to find that all preparations are postponed or cancelled, for all reasons that are understood, but must be heart wrenching as well. Always ready to put a positive spin on adversity for some guests it does give a little longer to shift those extra pounds and inches which have accumulated over this period.  Heart warming to hear of a couple who performed their wedding on Zoom with friends and family logging in to share the special moment with the bride and groom. Proof that where there’s a will there is definitely a way.

Let us not forget those poor students who have come to the end of their school or college careers with not so much as a pat on the back for their years of committed study. They have been deprived of that enormous sense of relief and achievement as they finish that last exam and have closure on a significant rite of passage but instead are sent home until further notice! They will be forever known as the class of 2020 for being those that either had a very lucky escape or who never had the opportunity to demonstrate their potential.

No matter what the circumstances we all need to find time to help support each other in what many would describe as difficult times. What better opportunity for us all to find that party dress, dust down the makeup, pour yourself a Quarantini and raise a glass as we remember and celebrate VE Day 2020

I'll drink to that...............Cheers x




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