A Week in the Life of a Fifty One Garment

We’re feeling a little hard done by and over worked so I'm just looking into the details of our clothing rights and working conditions.

Last weekend we were frantically thrown into a bag of accessories, gloves, snoods, scarves and hats under the heading of "base layer" and felt a little humiliated and unappreciated as our ranking in the packing department does not truly reflect our merits. In the scheme of things we should have been mixing with the high performance jackets and the cashmere pully in the premium suitcase, but we have to prove our worth and so we did……

Charlie got pulled out hastily in the morning for travelling purposes and was the first to show off the benefit of what we have to offer as a holiday basic. Under a light wool top the vest was a perfect item to wear for the journey ahead, the taxi, the queuing, flight and transit  resulted in a respectable level of calmness and comfort so much so that hours later no wardrobe change needed for a spot of lunch and a wander around the holiday destination.

Day two and a change of colour and Charlie is prepped for action no longer to keep cool but to keep warm and job was well done. A strong performance resulting in our comrades from Fifty One Apparel making an appearance each day and often evenings. I fancy we're a little bit like a good book and once tried we're unput downable.

Fast forward, cut and paste our outward journey and we're homeward bound. Not such a salubrious moment as once again we find ourselves demoted to the lower ranks of the laundry bag, no details needed but safe to say the journey out was a little less fragrant than the return leg.

Freshly cleaned and pressed with a 24 hour turnaround and we are back in business but this time long haul.

Karin V is the selected item for the 12 hour flight and looking crisp and pristine is put straight to work from airport to office. Out for dinner and a humid evening gives a first outing for our new recruit Raxa looking cool, fluid and sophisticated a perfect choice to compliment a pair of jeans.

The work continues, it’s tough. Four more days before we face another 12 hour flight and I’ll be talking to our senior team on where we start to make our voices heard on our extended working hours and poor travelling conditions. Despite now being upgraded to the superior standard of suitcase I fear a last desperate attempt at shopping may result in a tight squeeze homeward bound.

Take pity on the plight of us Fifty One Garments we need a break ………………..


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