A Simple Guide to WFH

For those who are not familiar with the acronym WFH it is not an abbreviation for an expletive but rather the term Working from Home.

As the situation on Covid-19 changes, on a day to day basis, the concerns around the workplace increase on many levels and the impact looks severe no matter what industry. Whilst few can afford to take time off work and most companies cannot afford to lose manpower, health and safety has to take a priority.  

In such difficult times the option to WFH has to be an attractive compromise for both employer and employee.

For the employer this can mean a company's productivity is not impacted and possibly the workload may be carried out in a more efficient and effective manner. For the employee there is no commute ( oh joy ), there are no interruptions or noise from colleagues and the options for lunch would be a little more exciting than a meal deal not to mention the savings made.

It may not suit everyone to be working from one's kitchen table but as needs must there are a few guidelines to help focus the mind for the job in hand.

  1. Set your hours – if your employer has not already done so. It is important to have structure in the day otherwise there is a temptation to drift and to become very unconstructive.
  2. Remove all distractions where possible so it is possible to focus ( children may be a little difficult to remove !). By keeping one's mind fixed on the task in hand it allows for regular breaks to relieve any monotony there may be in working alone.
  3. If you are a person who loves the office atmosphere and the banter that goes hand in hand, make sure that contact is kept with other members of the team. Don't hide behind the e mails. Being alone does not mean you are isolated from the world. Communication aids have come a long way.
  4. Working from home I was advised of the importance to dress for work. Pyjamas were a big NO NO and to dress for a day in the "one man" office was intended to help concentrate on the job in hand, so a suit and heels were not incongruous as I sat in front of a screen for 8 to 9 hours a day. Times have changed and today many companies have a much more casual dress code in the work place where leggings and trainers are just as prevalent in an office environment as in the gym.   

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March 11, 2020 — fifty-one clothing Admin

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